2018 in review

2018 Sync Placements

SynchAudio has been hard at work through 2018, expanding our presence as an  innovator in sync and artist representation globally. Track by track,  we’ve watched our catalogue develop and diversify. We’ve added  captivating new artists from Australia, Hungary, and Germany, while  continuing to receive high profile music placements on an international  scale. 2018’s achievements haven’t come without their share of late  nights and long hours, but the artists we’ve watched emerge have made it  well worth the effort. Still, as we review the past year, we understand  that reflection is as much about embracing the past as it is preparing  for what’s to come. 

We’d  like to thank all of the music supervisors that have listened to our  catalogue, placed our music, and helped support our roster over the past  year. The progress SynchAudio has made throughout 2018 would not be  possible without the incredible team of creators that we get to work  with on a daily basis. We can only look forward to our continued growth  together into the New Year.




  • January 26th – Irene Theo Releases Self-Titled Debut EP
    SynchAudio  was proud to support the release of Irene Theo’s much-anticipated debut  EP. Showcasing 6 tracks of soul, the release marked a welcome  introduction to Theo’s enticing blend of R&B/pop. The EP was  produced by fellow SynchAudio favourite Dusty Chesterfield, and has already received television placements in The Fosters, Sideswiped, and The Royals, as well as a radio placement on CBC’s Big City, Small World. The album also landed Theo in the top 15 of iTunes’ “Top 200 Releases” on the Canadian R&B/Soul chart. (Listen Here)

  • January 30th – SynchAudio Negotiates Partnership with Midem for 2018
    SynchAudio CEO Noush Mostaghimi was very excited to renew her company’s partnership with Midem early on in 2018. Midem is one of the music industry’s premier  conferences, trade shows, and festivals, taking place annually in  Cannes, France. SynchAudio would announce its plans to return to as a  sponsor for Sync Day taking place on June 6th, 2018. (Read More)

  • June 5th– 8th – Midem 2018 – Cannes, France
    Always  one of the year’s highlights, Midem was in full form for its 2018  edition. Taking place at the lavish Palais des Festivals, the celebrated  music conference, trade show, and festival once again proved to be at  the forefront of creation in the music industry. SynchAudio was excited  to return as a sponsor for Sync Day June 6th, which saw an impressive cast of sync professionals talk the latest developments in sync. (Read More)

  • August 6th – Barbados Ministry of Tourism features Debbie Reifer
    In  an exciting development for SynchAudio’s roster, the Barbados Ministry  of Tourism based an entire promotional campaign around Debbie Reifer’s track “We Are Love.” We are Love Barbados saw Reifer’s bright blend of adult-contemporary, reggae, and pop, stand  front and centre. The placement marked a promising step forwards for  the talented singer-songwriter out of Bridgetown. (Watch Here)

  • October 12th – SynchAudio Receives Official Trademark in North America
    SynchAudio officially receive the trademark rights to the company name, further legitimizing the company’s presence  in both the United States and Canada.

  • November 28th – Tony Crown Featured in Stencil Magazine
    A popular music publication based out of the UK, Stencil Magazine recently published a feature on Tony Crown. This signifies an important step forwards for Crown as he continues to expand his following outside of North America. (Read Here on Page 137)

  • December 7th – Tony Crown Announces Upcoming Release of Burning the Roses
    Marking the close to an eventful year, Tony Crown recently announced the release of his new EP Burning the Roses for January 25th, 2019. The EP’s title track is slated to release as a single for January 11th.

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